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Causes and measures of rolling in cold rolling
The reason and method of winding in cold rolling refers to the situation that the steel coil is in a state of drift that is not fixed relative to the position of the middle line of the rolling mill, and is a special form of deviation. Reasons for the rollover:
Iron ore bear market has arrived, steel trade tray company has a burst
According to reports, on April 18, the main contract of iron ore futures suffered a sell-off at the end of 1709, once fell by nearly 7%, closing down 6.49%, quoted at 468 yuan / ton, has continued to fall 32% from the February high. In general, a 20% drop from the high level is considered a technical bear market. At the same time that iron ore spot and futures fell, the steel trade industry also suffered a significant impact. A person in charge of the futures department of a steel company in Tangshan revealed: "The steel trade has been greatly affected by the situation. Some steel trade tray companies have even exploded. Some state-owned enterprises have just completed the deposit, and they have exploded in the past two days.
Stainless steel pipe enterprises are facing a new development environment, and the overcapacity situation will be greatly allevi
In 2016, private stainless steel enterprises began to strengthen management, innovation mechanism, and reduce costs, and strived for transformation and upgrading, and promoted the further improvement of stainless steel enterprise management level in innovation...
Citigroup: Xiong'an New District will boost China's annual steel demand by 14 million tons
2017-04-06 08:14 Source: [Steel News] This new grand plan for the establishment of the Xiong'an New District in China will drive demand for steel in China. Citigroup analysts said in a report released on Tuesday that if the plan is implemented within 10 years, China will need to consume 12 million to 14 million tons of steel per year...
Demand is improving and supply contraction, 15 steel companies expect doubled net profit in the first quarter
Author: Xin Ya Xi Date: 2017-04-20 11:43:55 Tags: Industry News Keywords: steel The data shows that as of April 19, 15 companies in the steel industry have released first-quarter performance forecasts, and another has released a quarterly report, with the disclosure progressing close to 40%. The above-mentioned company's net profit increased by more than 100% year-on-year. Among them, Nangang has the largest increase, reaching 43.9 times; Hualing Steel, which lost money last year, turned losses in the first quarter. The good fundamentals of steel in the first quarter and the low base in the same period last year were important reasons for the sharp growth of the steel industry in the first quarter...
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