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Stainless steel pipe enterprises are facing a new development environment, and the overcapacity situation will be greatly allevi

Stainless steel pipe enterprises are facing a new development environment, and the overcapacity situation will be greatly allevi

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In 2016, private stainless steel enterprises began to strengthen management, innovation mechanism, and reduce costs, and strived for transformation and upgrading, and promoted the further improvement of stainless steel enterprise management level in innovation...

In 2016, private stainless steel enterprises began to strengthen management, innovation mechanism, and reduce costs, and strived for transformation and upgrading, and promoted the further improvement of stainless steel enterprise management level in innovation.


The fundamental way out for private stainless steel enterprises is to transform and upgrade. A large number of private enterprises do not take the road of expanding stainless steel production capacity, shifting investment to new industries and new formats, re-planning the development orientation of enterprises, expanding the development path, and transforming from the original stainless steel to a new type. Industrial structure. At the same time, we will seriously strengthen the shortcomings of stainless steel enterprises, improve the level of environmental protection, increase the variety, and adjust the product structure.


Use information technology such as big data and network to improve the management level of stainless steel enterprises. E-commerce has been widely adopted to optimize raw material procurement and expand product sales.


The level of environmental protection has been greatly improved. First, the awareness of environmental protection has been further strengthened, and environmental protection has been the lifeline of the development of stainless steel enterprises. Without environmental protection, there is no stainless steel enterprise. Second, environmental protection has increased capital investment. The third is to correctly handle the contradiction between environmental protection and economic development, and it is better to sacrifice economic benefits and ensure environmental protection.


Through the strengthening of management work, a large number of stainless steel enterprises with good operation, high efficiency, low cost and high environmental protection level have emerged, showing the good development prospects of private stainless steel enterprises.


After entering 2017, stainless steel pipe companies are facing a new development environment. According to the economic development goals and tasks determined by the central government, it is expected that the supply and demand of stainless steel pipes will be further improved, the production of stainless steel pipes will be further stabilized, and the economic benefits are expected to increase steadily.


From the supply side point of view, the de-capacity of stainless steel pipes will continue to increase in 2017, the situation of overcapacity will be greatly eased, and the stainless steel pipe industry layout and industrial structure will be improved. In particular, the ban of strip steel will bring benefits to clarify the production capacity, purify the stainless steel market, increase the effective supply, and stabilize the company's efficiency. After years of reform and accumulation, the policy dividend will be released continuously.


From the demand side perspective, capital construction investment, including urban infrastructure construction, will maintain moderate growth, and real estate will not fluctuate. Exports of stainless steel, especially stainless steel for construction, will fall back, but exports will continue to be high. Last year, domestic stainless steel stocks showed a significant downward trend. Due to good expectations for the future, all ends of the industrial chain began to replenish stocks in 2017. It is expected that the inventory cycle will be rebuilt and social stocks will be higher than last year.